Our Products

We are audited annually from an approved independent third party. This ensures that we meet international standards for good agricultural practices, and comply with Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) among others, for active food safety programs. All our farms meet food safety and security standards covering all stages of production and harvest.  Soul Green produce is fully compliant with all Food safety regulations.

Our Brand

All our products are grown, processed and distributed by Aquagreen group, a market leader in  Hydroponic salad greens, supply in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Our Farm

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Our Promise


  • Picked and packed within 24 hours
  • Use refrigerated transport to ensure shelf life
  • Uninterrupted cold chain


  • HACCP accredited
  • No Heavy Metal
  • Non Genetically Modified Food
  • All produce screened for pesticide residue
  • Eco friendly production

Environmental friendly

  • 100% irrigated with sustainable spring water
  • 70% less water used,
  • Recycling of nutrition fluid to reduce the use of fertilizer
  • Zero discharge
  • No plastic packaging used

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