Two-color coral lettuce (green, red)

Two-color coral lettuce (green, red)

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Coral lettuce has loose leaf balls, tender green, thin and soft leaves, with lace and wrinkles between the leaves, like beautiful coral algae; lettuce has high water content, and the taste is crisp and tender, juicy and rich in taste sweet. Coral lettuce contains mannitol and other ingredients, which help diuresis and promote blood circulation.

Coral lettuce is often used in raw salad or Korean barbecue lettuce. Soak it in ice water before eating, which can make the salad more crispy. Combine our green coral lettuce with red coral lettuce, red oak leaf lettuce or Mix the lettuce with red butter, mix well with lemon juice, mustard sauce, shallots, and extra virgin olives to make a delightful and delicious colored salad.

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