Stone bake SD Baguette
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Stone bake SD Baguette

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The baguettes are already baked and can be eaten immediately. You can reheat it becuase it will taste better. Reheat it in a bread machine or oven at 180-200℃ or in a rice cooker for 4-6 minutes, spray a little water on the top of the bread, a hot and fresh bread is out.


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Stone bake SD Baguette is a type of French bread that originated in the 19th century, and it is well-knowed as “national bread” of France.

The introduction of Stone bake SD Baguette

The baguette has a crusty texture outside and a soft interior with the aroma of wheat and roasting.

How to Eat

Ready to eat

How To Store

48 hours in room tempearture, 10 days in refrigerator (4°C – 10°C)

Stone bake SD Baguette Suggested Ways To Eat It

It is ready to eat, or you can reheat it in oven, toaster, Air Fryer are 160°C in 2 minutes or rice cooker also in 2 minutes.

You can also add other ingredient to be a sandwich, you just need to cut it half, add ham, cheese, tuna, chicken brest etc or add cherry tomato and butter lettuce at the same time. After baking, a delicious and low-calorie bread is out!

Stone bake SD Baguette

You can also vut it in small piece and bake again, and mixd with cherry tomato, cucumber, sweet pepper, butter lettuce and crystal green romaine lettuce with a bit vinegaror olive oil, a healthy and delicous salad is out!

Stone bake SD Baguette