Green Romaine Lettuce
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Green Romaine Lettuce

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Green romaine lettuce can reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and it is very rich in vitamin A and vitamins B.

Green romaine lettuce is crunchy and juicy, slightly sweeter than other lettuce. It is a basic part of Caesar salad, and it is also suitable for mixing with other green vegetables into a salad. You can even cook romaine lettuce like spinach! When heated, it produces a bitter taste similar to that of cooked chicory.


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Green Romaine Lettuce has long, straight leaves, its color is close to light green, and it stands upright. It is a kind of lettuce. It is generally eaten fresh as a salad, and it is also an essential lettuce for Caesar salad. The leaves of green romaine lettuce are hard, with rough texture, crisp and crisp, and the taste is sweet.

Green Romaine Lettuce Efficacy And Benefits

Green Romaine Lettuce is rich in moisture, and the moisture content per 100 grams of vegetables is as high as 94% to 96%. If eaten raw, it will be particularly tender, very crisp and refreshing. Green romaine lettuce contains vitamin C and dietary fiber, which can eliminate excess fat, so it is good for who need to keep fit. If you want to keep fit, you can choose this lettuce. The stems and leaves contain lettuce, which has a slightly bitter taste, and has the effects of analgesia and hypnosis, clearing away heat and inflammation, lowering cholesterol, and assisting in the treatment of neurasthenia. The vitamin C contained in lettuce can also effectively relieve gum bleeding. Green romaine lettuce contains folic acid, which is helpful to the development of human hematopoiesis and nervous system. It is also especially suitable for pregnant women and those with anemia. Lettuce is rich in protein, dietary fiber, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C. The vegetables contain effective ingredients such as mannitol, which can help drive out cold and diuresis and promote blood circulation. Vegetables contain an “interferon inducer” that can stimulate normal human cells to produce interferon, thereby producing an “antiviral protein” that inhibits the virus. The sodium salt of copper in chlorophyll has anti-cancer properties and can effectively prevent cancer.

How to eat

Wash after opening, ready to eat

How To Store

Store in the refrigerator for 7 to 10 days

Green Romaine Lettuce Suggested Ways To Eat It

Caesar Salad

Add bread crumbs, cheese, lemon juice, stir and serve or accompany salad dressing to make a delicious Caesar salad!

Green Romaine Lettuce

Or it can be lightly stir-fried, or eaten in hot pot, just lightly tasting it. When grilling, wrap the meat and eat it together, which can reduce the greasy feeling brought by the meat and make the taste more refreshing! AquaGreen also offer Twin colour Romaine Lettuce.