AquaMate Premium Preserved Sausages
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AquaMate Premium Preserved Sausages

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Premium Preserved Sausages

AquaMate Premium Preserved Sausages using precious natural black pork, free range in a unpolluted environment, using natural acorns, corn and rice as food, large exercise, high lean meat rate, thin fat, the lean meat is still snowflake-like, skin The thin meat is tender, the fat is white, not greasy, the taste is sweet, and the nutrition is rich. It can also be fragrant when cooking without adding any condiments.

Less volume, High Value
The black porpoise breeding time is long and the yield is low; while the AquaMate Premium Preserved Sausages only uses the tenderest hind leg meat. The whole pig can choose less than one tenth of the meat as the raw material of the sausage, which determines its precious key element, which is between fat and thin. The golden collocation firmly controls the quality and taste of pork.

Cut into pieces by hand, so that the black pork meat still has a toughness and texture, and the cooked sausage is full and firm, with the best taste! It insists on handmade produce, so that the sauce can penetrate into the meat better, even if it takes time and effort, but it makes the sausage more delicious.

Special sauce
AquaMate inherits the spirit of craftsmanship. For the purest taste, we carefully select the non-heritage culture, the secret soy sauce that has been brewed over 700 days and nights, and supplemented by the sweet and long-flavored Fenjiu, let the meat drift in the mixing with soy aroma!

Premium Preserved Sausages is dried only in autumn and winter. The fat of the sausage is dried by the wind, and the meat in the casing gradually loses water in the sun. At the same time, the meat is still raw meat in nature, which makes the sausage have a rich meaty taste and will be precious. Making the meaty aroma of preserved sausage long lasting.


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Premium Pork Meat, Sausage Casing, Sugar, Salt, Tianjian Rose Wine, Acidity Regulator (E514), Flavour Enhancer (Monosodium Glutamate), Preservative (Sodium Nitrate)

How to Store

Keep in dry and cool place and keep refrigerated after opening

How to Eat

Wash and steam for 20 minetes to serve

Preserved Sausages Rice

Steam the rice for 8 minutes, then slice the sausage, add vegetables or other ingredients, put all the ingredients onto the rice, then steam for 15 minutes, cover and steam for 2 minutes, and you’re ready to eat it!