As a responsible company, we will create a sustainable green environment in the long run. Corporate social responsibility (“Corporate Social Responsibility”) is an indispensable part of the company’s culture and business strategy. Integrate the concerns of society, environment, economy, ethics, employees and customers into the company’s business and operations, and contribute to the planet and our communities.

We are committed to reducing the impact on the environment in our daily business, implementing energy conservation and various measures to strengthen our environmental protection measures and protect the long-term ecological health and sustainability of the natural environment.

Sustainable Farming

Through the use of hydroponics, land use and reuse are optimized, reducing the impact on natural resources and reducing arable land.

Cultivated varieties have higher yields, so they can make better use of agricultural investment.

Consistency of Management

Having an automated system reduces the risk of mismanagement

Reduce repetitive errors or increase costs due to inefficiency

Resources Responsibility

Reduce water and fertilizer use through fertilization recycling

Eco Friendly

Developed a high-yield hydroponic system on low-yield agricultural land
All spring water is filtered through wetlands to capture any available nitrates and phosphates
All growth media used in lettuce production are biodegradable
The base is closer to the market, reducing the carbon footprint of logistics
Reduce carbon dioxide emissions
Compared with soil-produced agricultural products, water consumption has been reduced by 70%