“Most of the economic growth is based on the sacrifice of the environment, and the agricultural economy is a sustainable business; we insist on hydroponic planting, using low-carbon, environmental protection, quality and sustainable development concepts to provide the highest quality hydroponics Agricultural products, truly “From Seed to Table”. ”

Co-Founder Tracey Lam & Ricky Lau

From Seed to Table

AquaGreen uses Australian hydroponics technology and uses high mountain spring water for irrigation. Every vegetable from planting, harvesting, processing to marketing, each step is closely monitored by a professional team in Hong Kong. Since plowing is different from traditional planting methods, it can be avoided without soil Plants ingest heavy metals in the soil, and after multiple UV disinfection, they can supply 5,000 to 6,000 kilograms of fresh salad vegetables every day, so that every customer can eat at ease. In addition to supplying high-quality hydroponic crops to hotels and restaurants, in recent years, it has also entered large supermarkets and provided online retail, which has set off a Greenovative green revolution for the Hong Kong market.

From Seed to Table

HACCP safety certificate

ISO22000 2018Safe Food Management Certification

1000+Hotel restaurant selection

Sold within 24 hours of picking